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What is a realistic trade return for Carson Wentz?

There is reported trade interest in Carson Wentz and the Eagles can now dictate the market in order to land a nice return. The Philadelphia Eagles are dealing with a quarterback controversy even after firing Doug Pederson. Carson Wentz is reportedly unhappy and Jalen Hurts is sitting behind him wondering if he is going to be the starter in 2021.The quarterback trade market got off to a roaring start when the Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for Jared Goff and several top picks. Goff, like Wentz, has a contract that is tough to move.So what would a realistic return be for the Eagles if they convince a team to take on Wentz’s money?NFL Rumors: What could Eagles get for Carson Wentz?The Stafford deal is an interesting case because it is not like Goff was the sought after one in the trade. So barring a blockbuster trade for Deshaun Watson, Wentz is going to be the key piece in any trade involving him.Wentz remains under contract through the 2024 season and has a tough deal to move. That is good news for any team seeking a deal as it drives the asking price down a bit.The starting point for any team will be a minimum of two first-round picks. Wentz’s contract and the fact he appeared to regress and ultimately got benched last season will limit a team from mortgaging too much of their future.A realistic return would likely also include at least one proven starter, but not necessarily a quarterback. Landing a starting receiver would instantly provide Jalen Hurts with a much-needed weapon, given he becomes the starter in Wentz’s absence.Such a deal would also likely include a package of lower draft picks as well. The Rams sent a third-round pick to the Lions, so something like that or even two fourth-round picks makes sense with the Eagles.At this point in time Wentz has done nothing to warrant a massive haul. The fact the Eagles may want to take a huge dead cap hit to move him tells the whole story and other teams can take advantage of the situation.But the Eagles still don’t need to trade Wentz. That is in their favor as they can listen to offers and be patient. One thing to note is that the quarterback is owed a $10 million roster bonus in mid-March, so if he isn’t traded by then it would be a shock if he got moved.The Eagles may still want to repair the relationship with Wentz. But if they can find a team to take his contract, that will be tough to pass up.

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