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Fans Lose Their Minds as WWE Introduces an Exciting New Character Tian Sha on NXT

NXT is WWE’s third wrestling brand after Raw and SmackDown, but the action on the black and gold brand is way different from what we see on Monday and Friday Nights. The NXT roster is full of young talent, and Triple H’s men do a superb job in packaging these talented wrestlers as legit stars. One latest example is of Xia Li and Boa with Tian Sha. Fans in awe after mysterious Tian Sha character debuts on NXT WWE NXT finally opened the lid on the mysterious character that is influencing Xia Li and Boa. They revealed the character to be Tian Sha – the warrior princess whose origin dates back to before 221 BCE. The presentation of the origin story was extraordinary. The Visuals, the narration, and the end were picture perfect. In fact, it’s been some time since we saw such an in-depth story for any character. From getting lost in the shuffle to becoming the talk of the town – Xia Li and Boa under Tian Sha have great storyline potential. One fan wrote that he can’t wait for the story to unfold further. Honestly, even we can’t! This is some next level character enhancement, and it’s great to see WWE giving importance to their first Chinese WWE Superstar. Another Twitter user came up with an interesting theory. He proposed that Tian Sha is not one woman, but many women who’ve held the mantle over the years. Just like Tiger Mask from NJPW, various wrestlers have played the character, or even Suicide from Impact Wrestling. More characters will join Xia Li and Boa in Tian Sha’s mysterious faction soon. So far, the black and gold brand has done some unparalleled work with both the Chinese Superstars. Do you dig the new character and the origin story? Share with us in the comments below!

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